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Terms of Use


All rights to the site (hereinafter referred to as the Site) belong to Nina Barhat (hereinafter referred to as the Owner).

By using and / or visiting it, you express full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this User Agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement). If you do not agree to any of the conditions listed below, please leave the Site.

The owner reserves the right to change the terms unilaterally. The user / visitor of the Site is personally responsible for checking this Agreement for changes in it.




User registration is free and voluntary. It provides access to some functions that are not available to visitors to the Site, namely, to reading paid books and reading books with the sticker "In Work", as well as to commenting on them.

“Name” (required field during registration) is a unique arbitrary set of letters and numbers that is necessary for recognizing user comments by other users / visitors of the Site, and does not have to match the real name of this user. The user may use his real name, but only at his own risk.

The mail (used as a login) and the password you select are necessary and sufficient information to access your account on the Site. You must keep this data safe, because actions committed using them are considered actions performed by you personally. In the case of unauthorized access to your account or leak of login and password, you must immediately inform the site administration. To do this, please use the "Contact Administration" button at the bottom of the page where indicate your email address (used as a login) and formulate a complaint exactly.


Responsibilities of the User \ Visitor of the Site


- comply with the provisions of the current legislation of the EU and the country of residence, as well as this Agreement;

- do not copy, modify, reproduce, download, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, translate, publish, perform or otherwise exploit copyright objects (as well as fragments thereof) posted on the Site without the consent of the Owner;

- do not place advertisements on the Site, which includes, but is not limited to advertising the product, offers to buy or sell any products or services through the Site;

- inform the administration of the Site about unauthorized access to your account or password and login;

- do not register as a user on behalf of or instead of another person;

- do not create more than one account;

- do not mislead users / visitors of the Site regarding their identity using the username and password of another registered user;

- when commenting on books, blog articles and replies to comments of other users / visitors of the Site, do not use profanity, as well as expressions that degrade the honor and dignity of people, inciting hatred or hostility on ethnic, religious, racial, gender or other grounds;

- do not disclose details of the plot of books, which can spoil the intrigue to other users / visitors of the Site the first time they read these books, but instead use the “spoiler” function, which allows you to hide the controversial fragment of the comment by default and open it if you wish;

- do not download / store / publish / distribute or otherwise use viruses and other malicious programs in relation to the Site;

- do not use the software and do not take actions aimed at disrupting the normal functioning of the Site.

In the case of any abuses and violations regarding the use of the Site are detected, the Administration reserves the right to block the user account, his access to books and his comments without any kind of compensation.


Reading sale


The product on the Site is online access - permanent or temporary (at the user's option) - to the texts of books that do not have the stickers “Free” or “In Work”.

The Owner reserves the right at any time to change stickers on books and, accordingly, access to them, as well as prices for this access.

Books (including paid ones) are provided exclusively in online reading mode.

Only registered users can purchase access (both for themselves and to a friend).

When you buy access to a book for a friend as a gift, you are fully responsible for the authenticity of your friend’s email, since access will be granted to the owner of the email you specify. First, he will receive a letter with a gift notification (your text) and automatic registration on the Site. Please notify your friend about the gift through another communication channel additionally so that he does not accept letters from the Site for fraud, and remind her / him to check the Spam folder.

In the case of buying / receiving as a gift access to the text of a paid book, the user also acquires the right to comment on this book (regardless of whether the access, permanent or temporary, was purchased / received as a gift).

In the user’s account, the user can view the books bought or received as a gift (indicating access - permanent or temporary), and can also find all his comments on the Site (with the possibility of switching to their exact location).

As a rule, after payment through a payment gateway selected by the user, money is credited within a few seconds, and returning to the page of the paid book, the user gets access to the full text for a paid period of time. The "Excerpt" button changes to the "Read" button. ATTENTION! In the case of temporary access, the timer starts at the moment of the FIRST opening of the full text of the book and shows the remaining time in the lower black panel on the left. If you are not sure that you can read in the coming days, do not open the book immediately!

In some cases, the payment may take several minutes. Unfortunately, this does not depend on the Site. The speed is affected by the work of your bank, as well as the payment system you have chosen.

If after payment (deducting money from your account) you did not have access to read the book, contact the Site Administration. To do this, please use the "Contact Administration" form at the bottom of the page, where indicate your email address (used as a login) and formulate a complaint in which note the payment method and paid book. Be sure to send a copy confirming the payment of SMS or e-mail so that the Site Administration can complain to the payment system (only if there is a copy of the automatic SMS / e-mail, which contains the ID code of the payment, the payment system will accept the complaint).

If, after gaining access to the full text of the book, you are having trouble reading, please use the "Report a bug" function (clicking on the "i" in the upper right corner of the black panel). And be sure to specify order ID and your email used as a login, otherwise it will be impossible to contact you.

Please note that a refund is not provided on the Site. Therefore, if you are not sure that you will like the book (the excerpt was not enough to understand), buy temporary access to the book (which is much cheaper) or do not buy at all.


Privacy Policy


The site does not collect, process or store any personal data of the user, except for the email address, which is used as a login to identify the user.

Data on the user's credit or debit payment cards and other payment methods are also not collected, since access to the content is paid through external payment gateways.

Feedback, questions and comments of the user / visitor posted on the Site are not confidential information and can be used by the Administration of the Site without restrictions.

The Site uses cookies - one or more small files that are sent to a user's computer to identify their browser.

When registering on the Site, additional cookies may be sent to your computer to avoid re-entering the username and password at the next visit. Do not forget that you can erase them at the end of the session if you use a public computer and do not want to open your data to subsequent computer users.

Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies, however you can completely prohibit the use of cookies or set up notifications about their sending. Please note that without cookies, some functions of the Site may not work correctly.


Intellectual Property Rights

All rights to the published texts of books belong to Nina Barhat and her co-authors (if any), which is precisely indicated in the column "Author" on the individual page of each book.

The rights to the covers, blog articles, visualization of books, advertising posters located on the main page of the Site, to the comments published under the name "Nina Barhat" belong to the Owner.

Quoting copyright objects posted on the Site is possible only subject to agreement with the Owner and indicating the Site as a source, as well as placing a hyperlink to the Site.

Images used on the blog are taken from open sources. If you are the author of any of them and believe that your rights have been violated, contact the Site Administration with a request to remove this image (will be done immediately) or, if desired, indicate your name on it, for that, please use "Contact Administration" button at the bottom of the page.


Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability


All information on the Site is provided "as is" and "as available." You agree that you use the Site at your own risk. The Owner does not provide any kind of guarantee, including, but not limited to, any warranties, either expressed or implied, of warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement of rights. The Owner does not guarantee that the Site will always be available, access will be provided continuously, without errors, will satisfy your requirements, or that any defects on the Site will be corrected. The Owner does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided, and is not responsible for any losses resulting from the trust in such information.

The Owner does not guarantee that the Site does not contain viruses and similar unwanted inclusions or destructive functions.

Under no circumstances shall the Owner be liable for incidental, indirect, punishable, demonstrative or investigative damage (including damage resulting in loss of profit, interruptions in work, loss of business information or other financial losses) in connection with any claims, losses, damage, lawsuits, petitions and other types of prosecution arising both in connection with or without connection with this Agreement, including, in particular, use of the Site, confidence in its work or access to it, as well as any rights granted under standing agreement, even if the Site has been advised of the possibility of such damages, regardless of whether the claim is based on contract, tort (including negligence), breach of intellectual property rights or otherwise.

Your only and exclusive remedy regarding your use of this Site is to refuse to use the Site. 

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