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The story of Diana and Christoph - now in English!
Prepare to experience the whole gamut of emotions first-hand: the suffocating grip of horror, the roaring flame of hatred, the sweet pangs of love and the bitter taste of betrayal... Prepare to feel despair, despondency and loss--all to discover a new, reborn self... Prepare to live Diana's life in her stead.
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I hope you came to visit me in a good mood. Enjoy reading! :)

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26 June 2021
There will be some useful text here one day ...
If you are a newcomer

Please note that the books on the site are provided online.
Free - everyone can read and comment: both users and guests. Paid - read, which is typical for money;). I draw your attention to the fact that you can buy both permanent access to the book (more expensive) and temporary access (much cheaper; attention! the timer starts at the moment when you open the full text for the first time). But regardless of the option chosen, the one who bought it forever gets the opportunity to comment on this book.
In addition, permanent or temporary access can be presented to a friend / friend - at the stage of switching the type of purchase, click "Buy as a gift", then specify the recipient's email and write him a few words in the appropriate form. It would also be wise to warn this person about the gift through another communication channel so that she\he does not mistake the letter from the site for spam.

You have the right to express your opinion, but ...

This site is my virtual home. And as in every house, in mine - there are also rules. For example, I do not tolerate rudeness. Guests who practice it will be kicked out of the door. On the other hand, I am absolutely tolerant of ANY opinion. Even the most negative. Which means: choose words. As long as you keep yourself within the framework of good manners, I am ready to listen to you with all my attention.

In addition, the bones of other authors are not washed here. I know from my own experience what WRITING is. And I treat my colleagues at least with understanding, and more often with sympathy. In any case, my site is not a place to discuss and condemn the person behind his\her back.

I also demand respect for your interlocutors. Each of them deserves to live the story from beginning to end and get all the excitement, thoughts and emotions inherent in it... Therefore, in your book reviews, in comments to reviews, to blog articles, please avoid revelations like "the gardener killed him!" or use the "spoiler" (crossed eye in the comment window menu) - a special tool to hide part of the text that can ruin the intrigue for other readers.

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