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Series: InHumane
Author: Nina Barhat, Marina Bagirova (Translated by Mark Berelekhis)
Year: 2010
Genre: drama / romance-fantasy novel / vampire novel
Book size: 415 pages (Kindle size)
Book cover: Nina Barhat
Book mood: Wth.You - Linkin Park

An invincible, almighty, sublimely beautiful predator… Is he capable of discerning his equal in his prey? Is he capable of love? And if so... will it be of the human kind?


Diana sure has a strange childhood. She's of no use to her respectable and rather affluent family. The only thing that's required of her is silence. Not a word about the special guest that calls on her twice a year. Nothing about his terrifying visits or his impossibly, unimaginably cold demeanor. He is her dirty little secret. Her tormentor. And, as Diana will soon come to realize, the master of her destiny...

But even when there are no choices, a choice still exists. And Diana chooses freedom.

Prepare to experience the whole gamut of emotions first-hand: the suffocating grip of horror, the roaring flame of hatred, the sweet pangs of love and the bitter taste of betrayal... Prepare to feel despair, despondency and loss--all to discover a new, reborn self...

Prepare to live Diana's life in her stead.

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Additional information

The book was written in March-July 2010.

Posted on the Web for free access in September 2010.

Proofread and edited by Natalia Ukhabova in 2012.

Translated to English by Mark Berelekhis in 2014.

Printed (Russian Edition) by the publishing house AST in 2016 in the series "Other Worlds". ISBN: 978-5-17-091731-0

All rights reserved and belong to the authors.

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